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Ability to breathe cleanly and freely and see clearly are the two main advantages of the Tiki face mask .

EN 12942 TM3P standard

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The Tiki Facial Mask is an innovative protective mask made in Sweden for use in harsh environments where protection against bacteria and airborne particles is required.

The Tiki Facial mask is designed for construction, emergency services, pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and hospitals. The mask has achieved the highest protection class available in accordance with European standards. The P3 class particle filter is capable of trapping more than 99.5% of particles, starting at just 0.0003 mm.

Ergonomic design, comfortable and with a reduced weight of maximum 380 grams, ready to work during a full working day, facilitates communication and a wide and clear vision.

Thanks to the pressure sensitive sensor built into the mask, the speed of the fan that introduces the filtered air to the face shield is automatically adapted to obtain the amount of air required for each situation.

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